Inspections, Evaluation, & Design

Forge Engineering has long been involved in waterproofing inspections, evaluations, and design
services. Forge was recently retained by the appointed Board of Directors at each of the locations
seen below to perform a full range of engineering services related to waterproofing issues within the
association's plaza decks. Forge was able to perform initial site inspections of the designated areas and reported those findings in a detailed written format.


Our services to the association included:

-  developing the project's specifications for work

- development and distribution of bid documents

- hosting of pre-bid meetings with qualified contractors
- contract design

- project oversight as the Owner’s Authorized Representative.


This thorough process allowed the homeowners to feel comfortable in moving forward with the capital
expenditure project knowing their investment is being handled in the appropriate manner.


Waterproofing is often overlooked by associations and can cause a plethora of invasive issues.