Siena Lakes is a continuing care retirement community that is currently being constructed on an approximately 30-acre site located in the Central Naples portion of Collier County.  Currently, Phase I construction is underway and is comprised of all site work, utility infrastructure, a central amenities center, and two three-story independent living facilities. 


Forge began working with the current owner when the property was in the due diligence and conceptual phase.  During our initial exploration, Forge completed SPT soil borings and test pit excavations that allowed us to identify several areas where the site was adversely altered in the past. This was done to prevent costly unforeseen issues after construction began. 


During our initial investigations, we provided our client with several innovative engineering solutions to remediate the altered areas of the site. This allows for the construction of the proposed development on a shallow foundation, thus eliminating the need for costly deep foundations. 


Some of the geotechnical challenges included:

  • remediating lakes that were in-filled with deleterious material

  • infilling existing lakes to support three and four-story structures

  • evaluating various ground improvement programs for multi-story structures

  • cast-in-place retaining wall design parameters

  • several MSE retaining walls

  • timber pile deep foundations recommendations for lake pavilion gazebo areas. 

Additionally, some portions of the proposed development were designed to be constructed over existing lakes.  Therefore, to aid in the design and feasibility analysis, Forge completed soil borings within the existing lakes utilizing a specialty amphibious drill rig.