Inspections, Evaluation, & Design

Forge Engineering is multi-disciplined engineering that provides a wide range of roof consulting
services for homeowner associations, condo associations, high-rises, and commercial properties.
Our team is routinely tasked with serving associations to perform a full range of engineering services originating from an initial site visit. Our process for
engineering services started with an initial site visit to view the current condition of the structures with the community manager and various board members. A written proposal was provided to the Board of Directors authorizing Forge to perform the following services:

- develop specifications for work for the entire project

- development and distribution of bid documents

- host of pre-bid meetings with qualified contractors

- contract design

- project oversight as the Owner’s Authorized Representative.


This thorough process allows the homeowners to feel
comfortable knowing their investment is being handled in the appropriate manner and any work
being performed goes above and beyond the minimum criteria of county or city code.