The cornerstone of our Geotechnical service area is found in subsurface exploration. This exploration focuses on soils and geologic structures, as well as their ability to adequately and safely provide support within the built environment. Our experience includes:


  • Engineering expertise with deep foundation systems

  • Soil improvement methodologies

  • Shallow foundation systems

  • Forensic investigations of various types of soil-related failures

Forge has a licensed water well contractor on staff to allow for the permitting of water wells for soil boring, piezometers, and monitoring wells through the entire state of Florida.


Additionally, Forge owns a fleet of drilling rigs and drilling support vehicles comprised of a four-wheel truck-mounted Diedrich D-50 drill rig and a mini track mounted Diedrich D-25 drill rig.  


The Diedrich D-50 drill is tooled with an auto hammer. It's capacities include:


  • Asphalt or concrete pavement coring

  • Wet rotary Standard Penetration Test (SPT) soil borings

  • Solid stem auger borings or hollow stem auger borings 

  • Environmental monitoring wells


The Diedrich D-25 drill is tooled with a safety hammer. It's capacities include:


  • Wet rotary SPT soil borings

  • Solid stem auger borings

  • Ideal for limited access areas (as low as 3-feet access to desired sampling locations) 


Forge has also completed soil borings in rough terrain conditions, from elevated boardwalks, and over bodies of water from specialized drill rigs.  At Forge, we take great pride in providing innovative solutions to delivering our clients with requested soil data, regardless of the challenging conditions.


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FORGE provides these services with only fully trained and licensed personnel and engineers. We will furnish and submit the necessary reports as requested or required. 

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