SoCe Flats is located at the south eastern portion of the intersection of 1st Avenue South and 8th Street South in the Olde Naples portion of Collier County.  The project is three-story mixed-used building comprised of first floor commercial space and parking, while the second and third levels are comprised of 18 living units with an amenities area.


Project Challenge:  Due to large column spans, the loads for a three-story building initially required ground improvement, such as vibro-replacement to reduce settlement to tolerable limits.  Due to the size of the project, if costly ground improvement was need, the project may have not feasible.


Project Approach:  FORGE completed dilatometer testing to further evaluate the stiffness of the soils within the zone of influence beneath the structure’s foundations.  The additional testing provided FORGE with additional in situ soil parameters for a more refined settlement analysis.


Project Scope:  FORGE utilized the additional information gathered from the dilatometer testing in additional analysis of the soils to allow for settlement to be predicted within tolerable limits for the proposed structure.  The additional testing resulted in structure to be supported on shallow foundation without the need of vibro-replacement ground improvement program and making the project feasible for the client.