The Arthrex Inc Administration Campus Expansion project is located within the Creekside Business Park on the southwest portion of the intersection of Immokalee Road and Goodlette-Frank Road in the North Naples portion of Collier County. 


The project includes:

  • the construction of a six-story “mid-rise” administrative building

  • a six-level pre-cast parking garage

  • a four-story atrium INNovation hotel structure

  • a two-story Wellness Center

  • a cast-in-place plaza deck and pavilion

  • a pre-cast bridge to by-pass the existing canal allowing for the sports/activity turf area.


The Administrative building and parking garage included a ground improvement program of dry bottom feed vibro-replacement, in-leu of auger cast-in-place piles.  Forge’s teamwork with a specialty design-build geotechnical contractor allowed the mid-rise to be supported on a shallow foundation upon completion of vibro-replacement. This was achieved in spite of extremely high loads from large column spans, saving the project an estimated $3,000,000. 


The structures consisted of:

  • concrete cast in place foundations

  • concrete stair and elevator towers

  • slabs-on-grade

  • structural steel components

  • pre-stressed pre-cast concrete components


Forge supplied personnel that provided:

  • vibro-replacement monitoring

  • soil improvement program using geogrids

  • field density testing for site work and roadway construction

  • concrete testing

  • fireproof testing


This project was completed on a fast-paced schedule that included six-day weeks and several early morning concrete pours.